Pokolbin Hunter Valley

This brief history of the origins of the Association is to help readers understand the context in which the Association operates. The catalyst for the formation of the Association was a magazine published by the NSW Wine Industry Association (NSWWIA) called ”. NSW Wine & Food Trails”. The goal of the magazine was to promote the various wine regions within NSW. Within each region, wineries, and associated businesses, were grouped together in geographic areas to form “Trails” that customers could follow.

These “Trails” didn’t need to be circuits (i.e. starting and ending at the same point) but were just a means of grouping businesses together in a way that would make it easy for visitors to travel from place to place.

Businesses in the Hermitage/Deasys Road area were approached by the Hunter Valley Vineyard Association, who were acting as coordinator for the NSWWIA in this area, to join together to form a “Trail”.

One of the first decisions that the group needed to make was to name the “Trail”. Many suggestions were put forward at the meeting. It was decided to use the mountain range, which is a backdrop to the area, as the name of the “Trail”, hence. The Brokenback Trail – note “wine” was not included in the title as this was implicit in all the “Trails”.

It was realised that the grouping of businesses could be advantageous in other areas apart from just the NSWWIA’ s magazine so it was decided to meet together on an ongoing basis to promote the area. In order to formalise the structure of the group a non-profit association was formed and to limit the liability of members it ‘was decided to incorporate this association.

Hence, on the 19 September 1996, the Association was formally registered with its full name being THE BROKENBACK TRAIL ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.

Mission Statement

This mission statement should embody the reasons our Association has been formed. It should be concise but meaningful. It should, by omission, also say what things aren’t important to the Association.

The reason we have joined together to form the Association are:

  • tourism – our main focus should always be tourism and how to promote it better. We will, at times, work on other issues, but we should never lose our focus on tourism;
  • cooperation – we all run our businesses in different ways to achieve our own set of objectives. The reason we’ve formed the Association is to do things we can’t do by ourselves. It’s only through cooperation, in its many forms, that we will be able to do things we can’t do as individual businesses;
  • local area – all members live in the same geographic area and it’s the unique attributes of this area that we need to promote (i.e. lovely countryside with some fabulous views, quiet roads, relaxed lifestyle);
  • members – to achieve all of the above members need to interact, both between themselves and with visitors, in a friendly and professional manner otherwise everything else is to no avail.

These values still hold true today.

Founding Members

Tintilla Estate, Mistletoe Winery

Early Events / Festivals

In 2006 a decision was made to change the name of the Trail to Around Hermitage.

Brokenback Wine Trail
Brokenback Wine Trail now Around Hermitage