Table for Two, Hunter Valley

“As the knife cuts into the pie covered with mini mashed potato domes, it cracks open the crusty pastry wall, inside is a deep well that is filled with juicy shredded lamb meat in dark rich sauce.

“Would you like to take a picture of this?” The Queen asks me as she puts down her knife and fork to let me capture the perfect shot. Well, you bet I do — “Click!”

Without this particular image, I probably wouldn’t have remembered this particularly meal I’ve had with The Queen E and The Pom in Hunter Valley many moons ago. As I am writing this post, it definitely has me salivating and I can almost taste it on the tip of my tongue again.T

he Pom and I had a discussion the other day, the question was what makes a meal memorable? The Pom does believe that usually a meal you can never forget is either an extremely fancy fine dining experience or a particular bad meal that ruins the whole night and you are scarred for life. I tend to agree with him but then sometimes, a memorable meal can easily be a hearty meal that neither fancy or bad that I absolutely enjoyed in the perfect setting, with the perfect dining companion. Having said that, it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be one of the most memorable meals that I simply want to relive that moment all over again.

And, our lunch at Muse Kitchen at Keith Tulloch Winery was definitely one of them.”

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