For bushwalkers, photographers, bird watchers
Few facilities are provided for visitors – rustic picnic table on escarpment
Your visit is free – no charges apply. The walks contains steep stone steps.
Take Orient Street turn off at Greta and follow to end
The Reserve provides spectacular views over Luskintyre and Lambs Valley, cradled between Lambs Mountain and the Moonabung Range. Containing one of the last remaining stands of intact native vegetation along the Lower Hunter River, endangered vegetation communities, a host of native wildlife, and direct river access via historic sandstone steps and pathways, the reserve is a treasure trove of environmental and heritage features. The views are fabulous from both the escarpment and the river flats.
This is a place to watch as over the next year improvements are planned:
• A focus on the sites unique environment and history and community events will be held
• Installation of interpretative signage and development of a brochure on the historical and biodiversity features of the reserve
• Managing vehicle access to prevent site damage and illegal dumping
• Establishing a local Landcare group to support ongoing care of the reserve – removal of weeds to encourage natural regeneration of native plant species
Currently the site is degraded but still gives a very enjoyable walk and provides one of the only access points to the Hunter River.