Discover: Gum Blossom

Gum Blossom is a draw-card! For all to enjoy: artists, photographers, nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, and habitat for all sorts of wildlife! Free: Gums are all around the Lower Hunter Valley including the vineyard district. We love our trees: they sequest carbon, are vital in the management of our moisture, create oxygen, cool the…

Unravelling regional typicality of Shiraz

Hunter Valley wines selected for this project showed larger in-region variations than wines from the other regions.  

Jean Degen

Degen’s Wine Story

A Degen’s Wine Story: We only went for a weekend spaswinefood blog While it took me some time to construct a story of Degen Wines, this story has left me with a lasting impression. I first met winemaker Jean Degen and her daughter at a Welcome to Hunter Valley Event held at Brokenwood.  Read more…